Hurricane Harvey Support

Once the search and rescue phase of the Harvey disaster ends, Texans are going to begin working to put their lives back together.  As you begin this herculean effort, know you are not alone!  Here are some best-practice insurance tips from Rollo Insurance:

  • To the best of your ability, protect your property from further damage.  The types of policies you purchased will determine if coverage is afforded or not, but halting further damage is REALLY important.

  • Make only temporary repairs until adjuster can inspect the property.
  • Keep receipts and take pictures.
  • There is a LOT of misinformation floating around the web regarding the insurance industry… Consultative communication with your agent is crucial.  Under normal circumstances, insurance adjusters typically arrive within 48 hours of a major weather event.  Given the catastrophic scale of Harvey, it is going to take longer.  Call your agent and stay in-touch with your agent while carriers pull on resources from around the country.
  • If we can help in any way, please call 888.44.ROLLO